BUY BEST BRAND VAPE KITS are used to turn e-liquid into vapor and they come in all shapes and sizes with options for everyone.

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What is a vape kit?

If you’re new to vaping, you might (understandably) be overwhelmed by the sheer number of devices on the market. Knowing which mod, battery, tank or coil to choose takes a lot of research and reading customer reviews, all before determining which e-liquids to choose.To simplify the process, manufacturers are now producing starter kits that include everything you need to set up your new device, all in one convenient box! The vaping industry is rapidly changing, with many new e-cigarettes, pods and mod kits hitting the market every week. There are many renowned equipment brands to choose from such as Smok, Aspire, Uwell and more. If you’re not clear on the difference between starter kits, pod kits, and advanced vape kits, check out our Vape Kit blog post: The #1 guide to help you with anything you want to know.
What is the best vape starter kit to buy for new vapers?

New vapers may prefer to start with something simple and easy to use. Learning about tanks, coils, variable wattage, and sub-ohm vaping can be daunting. In that case, it’s probably best to opt for a simple pod starter kit.

Also, if you are in the process of giving up, you will likely be more comfortable with MTL vaping. Fortunately, starter kits are designed for ex-smokers, so most support MTL vaping.

There is a wide variety of brands and devices at different prices. Some are better built than others, so we recommend checking out customer reviews before making your purchase.

Which vape kits are best for MTL or DTL vaping?


The steam kits listed here are all clearly labeled MTL, DTL or MTL and DTL. In fact, both styles of vaping require different types of hardware and e-liquid.

Mouth to Lung (MTL)

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping replicates the experience of smoking a cigarette. It occurs in two stages: a) it is aspirated through the mouth, b) it is inhaled into the lungs. MTL produces less vapor, so it’s good if you’re trying to stay sober. MTL steam tanks are usually designed with a narrow hole. Also, if your device comes with adjustable airflow, many vaporizers choose to keep it closed or nearly closed. However, there are no hard and fast rules, so you should experiment to see what works for you.

Direct to Lung (DTL)

Direct pulmonary vaporization (DTL) is similar to the way we breathe: directly into the lungs. This is a process favored by some more experienced vaporizers. This style requires mods capable of fairly high wattage and specific coils. If that sounds like your go-to style, you’re probably looking for a sub-ohm kit.